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Student Managed Portfolio

As mentioned this app is so easy to use that students take control over their own learning and are able to develop their portfolio all by themselves. Teachers can add specific content too, allowing for all round collaboration between student and teacher. 

Other apps such as Book Creator and Explain Everything are easily added to Seesaw which is a huge advantage when thinking about assessment of student work.

Parents can also download the Parent app which allows them to be linked to their child and see all of the fantastic work they are completing. 

Reflective Tool

I have used Seesaw as a great tool for student reflection and for positive and constructive feedback to promote student learning. This is a great way for students to critically think about their own learning and allows them to make real world links to their learning with ease.

There are many other great ideas over at the Seesaw website on using the unbuilt tools for the classroom. 

Seesaw is a must have app for the classroom. Whether you are a 1:1 environment or not this app works on iPad and other iOS and Android devices. Students and teachers are able to post videos, pictures, files, links and notes to a students portfolio with ease. 

Works well with: All apps! Easily linked through the sharing tool on many of your favourite apps or simply the camera roll.