Think of as a newspaper which allows you to choose your own content. One day, you’re browsing through the web and you come across an article you find interesting, but you don’t have time to read it straight away. What do you do? Add it to your favourites? Only giving you access to these articles on 1 device. Keep the tab open until you have time to read it? But what if you accidentally close it and it's gone for ever!

, allows you to scoop up an article/website you are interested in and saves it to your account which you can access at any time and from any device. Essentially, you are able to create a centralised area where you can store articles/websites. Equally, you can connect with other people who have similar interests and follow similar topics. By also allowing email notification, you can receive a list of articles every morning which meet your assigned interests. For example, my interest is technology and ICT, which means that each morning I receive an email with all new articles that may interest me. Get Scooping!

By Natasha Shukuroglou


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