Puppet Pals is a great app to create your very own cartoon movies from scratch or by using using pre-made templates. It is a great for any age and can be modified to be as complex or as simple as you need depending on the task. You can choosing characters and a simple background which you can create a simple scene and record your voice, bringing your characters and your story to life - your very own puppet show!

Works well with: iMovie and Book Creator

Create your own fairytale

Students can re-enact their favourite fairytale including all the characters drawn or taken from a website. The app also comes preloaded with some characters and you can either purchase more or draw your own and take a photo to add them in. Students can come up with a script or an alternate ending to their favourite story and bring it to life using character voices by themselves, or as a group task.

Maths explanation 

A great assessment task for students is to make them come up with their own real life math problem, like a narrative. They use the characters in the app to come across a 'worded' maths problem in real life and record their voices as they go on a journey to solve the problem. This is a creative way for student to display their maths knowledge, rather than just a plain old boring test. 

Adjective Character Description

Encouraging students to use more adjectives to describe a character in their writing is often difficult. A quick and simple activity is to use the creative characters in Puppet Pals to use as a stimulus for the student to become the character and describe themselves through the recording feature. The pictures are funny and topical to engage students in the writing process. 

'Who's talking?'

When teaching speech marks is sometimes difficult for students to understand the difference between the narrator of the story and the character. By encouraging students to write their script and act it out being the narrator and the character through the app it is a great way for students to understand the difference.

Television Commercial

A great activity for persuasive writing is to create a simple and engaging TV commercial. The characters can talk and promote the product or service through funny movements or voices. Once they have written their persuasive piece in their books they are able to bring it to life in Puppet Pals and with the use of iMovie can create a simple, yet engaging persuasive commercial.