These are a range of courses that I have created for AusVELS Grade 6 and 5 standards. Click on any of the images to subscribe to the courses, note this only works on iPad. 

iTunes U? What is it? The U stands for university but don't let the name fool you. iTunes U is a course delivery platform that is transforming the way students learn and use their iPads in and outside of the classroom. In recent years, iTunes U has made waves by its integration into high schools across the globe becoming more prevalent in iPad 1:1 environments. 

iTunes U is a simple to use platform for anyone to use. The Course Manager interface is very sequential and user friendly to create engaging and knowledge filled courses for your students. The courses can be made directly on the iPad, however for the main creation and writing I prefer the web based Course Manager. They both have they pros and cons so really its up to you. The tutorial I have created is using the iPad but the Course Manager online is very similar interface.