News Report

By using one of the iMovie themes students can creatively and easily produce their very own News Report. Students are able to be the newsreader and the on site reporter with by some creative editing. Before making their movie, students should complete a simple story board to map out what their Report will look like and a script to help them narrate and record with fluency.

Story Trailer (Hollywood Style) 

A great feature of iMove is its Movie Trailer function. There are pre-made templates based around a specific genres. Students can 'advertise' their story they have created in their books bringing it to life through the faced paced and professional looking trailers. An easy and quick activity that students can create with ease.

Instructional Video

YouTube is filled with instructional videos that students love watching on how to do practically anything. iMovie's simple interface allows students to create a simple instructional video on any concept by themselves. They have the ability to add in video from other apps like Explain Everything or Tellagami to assist in the creation of their video. The use of some other avatar type apps also appeal to the less confident students who may not like recording themselves directly.

iMovie is Apple's movie editing and creation app. It allows students to easily create and produce their very own movie with engaging titles, funny sound effects and even ending credits. With students' love of videos and YouTube, they just love using iMovie. I often receive movies on the weekend of students making random movies of themselves, their families and sometimes even me!

Works well with: Book Creator, Puppet Pals, Explain Everything, ChatterPix and Morfo