Back to School

After a great summer holiday for the northern hemisphere schools it is almost time to get back to it. Full of excitement and well rested the beginning of the year is the best time to reassess and reevaluate your own practice. Here are some ideas and helpful tips that I use to keep this enthusiasm going throughout the year.

1. Identify ONE key element of your teaching practice you would like to enhance, or reinvent. To make this more achievable and relevant choose something, that is aligned with your school's strategic improvement plan.

2. Source support materials, people/groups of peers, books or networks that can assist you. These are sometimes often hard to find, Twitter is always a great place to start to find like minded educators.

3. Set timely achievements and put them in your calendar! This way you never forget, I put constant reminders of progress in my digital calendar to review progress and/or reevaluate if needed.

4. Find somewhere to record all this. I personally use Evernote for this type of thing. It's a great platform you can access anywhere, so no excuses not to keep up with your notes and progress tracking. OneNote is also a great platform for this type of note taking and sharing.

5. Try something new. This is sometimes quite scary for some, but it is important to keep a growth mindset towards education to ensure you do not become complacent or bored with what you do.

Good luck for the new year ahead, or for those halfway through, it's never too late to see things from a different perspective.