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Adventure Writing Stimulus 

Students can simply choose one of the pre-made games on the arcade and play it. Not much learning happening yet? Well there is. Students are already becoming engaged with the characters and type of game play and obstacles  that the character comes across with. You can then have the students design their very own adventure story using the game. 

- describe the character

- where are they going?

- what challenges do they face?

- how do they overcome these?

- describe the setting.

The ideas are ultimately endless.

Maths integration ideas 

This app can be used is so many ways for teaching maths concepts, here are a few ideas.

Area and Perimeter -  of blocks, lava or size of area used

Money - Allocate a price to specific blocks, coins or enemies 

Time - speed of the completion of specific levels depending on difficulty 

Directions - Left, right, up, down, diagonal etc.

and much more....

Coding - the easy way

If you are anything like me the term coding scares me, thoughts of 'I can't teach that' 'what's coding?'. By printing the grid template and the symbols (codes) that represent real life blocks or coins they are able to understand the basic concept of coding. Students will be so engaged in drawing their design it will be hard to pull them away from it. Once they have finished they scan in their design and start editing it from the app. Now the fun starts, they get to play their very own game! 

Really the options are endless for this app. Through game play students are already engaged in their learning. Scaffolding them to a desired outcome is what teachers do best.


Game Designer Task  - Book Creator Booklet

Floors is a fantastic app for engaging students in their learning. It is a game arcade style app that allows you to not only play games but create them too. You have 2 options to create; draw in the app itself or print their templates and draw it for themselves. This might sound a little complex for the less tech savvy teacher but it is super easy. Check out their video at the bottom of the page.

Works well with: iMovie and Book Creator

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