Explain Everything is like giving every student in your classroom an Interactive Whiteboard and a microphone. It allows students to create videos, simple explanations, annotate work or make a simple slideshow. The extent of its uses are only limited to the imagination of the student or teacher. Once they have explained students can share as pictures or movies ready for assessment.

Works well with: iMovie and Book Creator


Annotating / Editing Work

Once students have written a piece of work they can take a photo and insert it into Explain Everything. By using the annotation tools they can edit, highlight and even record their voice reading the text. This is powerful as they are able to listen back to the recording and edit for improved meaning. A great way to show progression of work and the editing process of students. 

Explaining a Maths Sum 

A perfect way to use this app is to simply use the pen tool to demonstrate an understanding of ANY maths concept. Students are able to record their voice and movement on the screen simultaneously, creating an powerful tutorial of student learning taking place. Its sometimes even great when the student makes a mistake and edits it on the go, very powerful learning.

Demonstrating understanding of Science Topic

Many Science topics are hard to grasp. There a new vocabulary and difficult processes that students just need to learn. Using Explain Everything they can create their own videos to assist with their understanding of a range of topics. When they have finished they are able to export to camera roll or even added into a Book Creator for later reference and study.

Labeling diagrams

Labelling a diagram can be very time consuming if students are cutting out and pasting labels but with Explain Everything it can be quick and more beneficial for learning. With the ability to add voice, move objects and record while they label something gives the student a deeper understanding of the topic. They can simply just circle something or even zoom into a specific part to emphasise its importance, making the diagram interactive.

Identifying real life objects in Maths

This is one of my favourite activities. Take the students on a walk around the school or classroom identifying real life shapes or angles and annotate them using the pen tool or laser pointer. A simple way for students to use this app to teach anything about real life geometry.