Chatter Pix is a fantastic app! One of my current favourites. It is simple to use and so effective with students, especially EAL. The app takes you through a simple process of capturing an image, slicing a 'mouth' in it, recording your voice and watch as it comes to life. 

Works well with: iMovie and Book Creator

Bring characters to life

This app is perfect for bringing characters from a book or a students story to life. They simply draw or take a picture of a character, slice a mouth and you get 30 seconds to make the character talk. They can narrate parts of the story or give a deep analysis of the character through in their own words. This can also be linked to Aurasma, an augmented reality app, to further enhance the learning experience. 

Pronunciation in English (or foreign language)

A great idea with ChatterPix is to use it as an engaging voice record feature. It can be used to assess students fluency with reading, volume and tone. This is often difficult when you have 20 or so students in your class.

A great activity I have done with students learning about poetry, was they needed to take a photo or screenshot of the poem and 'slice a mouth' somewhere and record their voice to practice for a poetry recitation. The app allows you to simply record over the top if students make a mistake or want to improve, great self reflection.