Book Creator does as the name suggests, it creates books. It is easy to use and is well designed for students to creatively and quickly create engaging and interactive ebooks. The ability to add text, pictures, videos, voice and drawings make it an extremely versatile app in the classroom. With a publish online feature now available it is a great app for the classroom.

Works well with: iMovie and Explain Everything

Bring Narrative Writing to Life

Students write some great stories your classroom every day. Once they have written their story, edited it, they are then able to publish it in Book Creator. They can bring it to life by adding in pictures they have drawn or even record themselves reading it for further assessment of learning. 

Maths Dictionary 

A great revision technique by documenting maths concepts throughout the year. They can take pictures of their work from their books, integrate a self made tutorial in Explain Everything or simply use the pen function to write their own example of the concept.

Design Process Documentation

When students are working on a big project documenting the process is a great way to assess students learning. They can create a table of contents, add in pictures, information or base the book around the e5 Instructional Model. An easy way to reflect and display learning which has occurred.

Vocabulary Book

For students trying to extend their vocabulary Book Creator is a simple and easy way to track these 'new' words. They can dedicate a page to each word and use it in a sentence, also adding in a voice note to remember the pronunciation. Great for EAL students!

Inquiry Project Information Booklet

A great presentation tool for all the hard research students have put into a project. Not all students are creative with scissors, glue or pencils so Book Creator offers a great platform for students to present their work. It can be based around their guiding Inquiry Questions or set out anyway the student likes. Teachers can also make a template and share it with their students to scaffold them to the desired outcome.

Cost: $6.49 (AUD)

Best for: Creating iBooks

Book Creator