​July 27th, 2015

What an amazing experience! Looking back at arguably the best week professionally ever in my career I take this time to reflect on the week that was, and the journey towards it. 

To shed some light on the situation for many of you who are unsure of what the ADE acronym is all about. It stands for Apple Distinguished Educator, which is a program set up by Apple to recognise the great teaching and learning by educators through the use of Apple devices. 

Back in early February I compiled a short two minute video and a written application based around the transformation I had led at my school through the use of iPads. The key focus for the application was based around the transformation of student learning and teacher practice and the impact that has had on my students knowledge. I found it easy to compile the written evidence, that speaks for itself, but the video was quite difficult. To compile two and a half years of work into a 2 minute video was no easy task. 

Everyday I woke up and checked my email, nothing. Until on April 23rd I was lucky enough to be chosen with approximately 600 other educators across the globe from more that 5000 applications, who are making a difference in their school environment. As a part of the process it is required that you attend the Institute for your region, in my case EMIA (Europe, Middle East, India and Africa). The aim of the institute is to share stories, collaborate ideas and create content for best practice in the classroom. 

However, the Institute quickly became more that that, more than just sitting in a hall listening to fellow ADE's stories (which were amazing), design tips, workshops, flying drones and a Keynote by Bill Frakes (also amazing - google this guy! ). It became about meeting people. Meeting people who you have the same interest and passion for teaching and learning as I do. Being able to share ideas, solve problems and create engaging content with like minded individuals was incredible.  

Overall it has been a truly inspiring week which I will never forget. I cannot wait to continue the conversations and collaboration from the amazing educators I have met.