Talk to any kids these days and it won't take long for the conversation to turn to their love of YouTube. They have a fascination with online videos, vlogs and also making their own videos. This has been strengthened throughout my time using iPad in the classroom, where time and time again, iMovie more than anything else comes up trumps. Though this is an amazing app to create short movies and videos, it can slightly limited, time consuming or even be too specific to movie making.

More recently, I have been exploring Apple’s new app Clips. I was immediately drawn to the more user friendly interface and simplistic way you can now create small concise video clips. The ability to put together multiple clips, photos with filter effects, stickers and even a whole new library of songs to make your short clip come to life in no time at all, makes it super fun!



Cost: FREE

Best for: making really simple videos

Field Trip Reflection
Students can use clips to create a small sequenced video about a recent field trip. They can do this by taking their iPads and taking the images themselves, or by using a range of short videos or photos taken by the teacher and shared via Airdrop to student iPads. This allows them to reflect and display their learning from the trip in a fun and engaging way, by making connections with the field trip and their learning.     

Science Learning
With evidence and documenting an integral part of the science classroom Clips makes it super easy to do this on the go, without spending too much time on the videoing and more on the actual experiment. When the science experiment is finished then students are able to sequence and explain parts of the experiment with voice or writing.  

Make Teacher Instructions fun again!
It is quite often that teacher instruction is VERY boring. Explaining a task, activity or even a new topic - why not make it fun! Showcase your skills and humour as a teacher to engage your students by creating a short clip on ‘how to’ complete or understand a topic. As I mentioned students love watching videos especially ones made by their teacher. You will be very surprised with their engagement in the task after this.

Showcase Learning from home (aka homework)
Whatever activity students are doing at home, make it more fun by involving Clips. Trust me, kids will never forget to do their homework again. Though I am not a huge fan of homework in general, I believe that learning at home plays an integral part in students development and interaction with family at home. Using Clips, students can take no time at all to showcase something they are working on at home. Videos and voice are extremely powerful assessment tools. When you are able to see and listen to learning, you gain an invaluable understanding of how much the students actually does or does not understand.