Over 350 educators from across the globe collaborating and showcasing their passion for education in Berlin, on their holidays? Sounds almost too good to be true right? Well this is ADE Global. It is not just any ed tech conference it is an amazing group of people who share the same passion - education. I have tried my best to summarise an amazing week with 4 key elements that makes this the best professional development around.

1. You are not alone

Often in your own school environment you begin with the realization 'am I the only one who thinks this?' And you seem to be fighting an uphill battle to improve the teaching and learning of students. It is amazingly refreshing to be bought together with 350 other educators who share these same frustrations and challenges. It allows you to breathe some fresh air back into your own passion for improving education in your school environment.

Institute has been a great place for sharing ideas and strategies to better integrate good teaching practice within your learning environment. Some key elements taken away were ;

  • Mentoring is a great way to help teachers grow and learn by providing key support  to those who need it.
  •  Develop your own PLN, the power of social media is great but face to face collaboration is vital for these relationships.
  • Back yourself! Whatever you are passionate about follow that passion it will take you a long way to your becoming a fantastic learner and educator.

2. Learning for everyone

Depending on your learning environment we all know our students all have individual needs and personalities. What I have really found amazing is the some of the incredible work that is being done across the globe to support all types of learners. From creating programs to engage the disengaged and improving the access to education for people with special needs the amount of passion is incredible.

There is some amazing content out there to assist you in better making learning as accessible as possible for all students. Be sure to follow me on twitter to find out more.

3. Learning is fun, as it should be


Often in our classrooms students are overwhelmed with testing and the pressure to memorize information that is not related to them in any shape or form. Listening to ADE Showcases throughout the week where people share their own impact of student learning. 

The amount of great projects and initiatives bought forward by many people was incredible to listen to. From breaking down the 4 walls of the classroom and allowing students to experience the world, to as simple as experiential play and allowing students to learn through game based activities is not revolutionary, you just need to provide kids with these opportunities.

4. Future of education is in good hands 

To be surrounded by passionate and hardworking educators willing to provide the best education for their students was not only refreshing and in many ways inspiring. 

Spending the week with some 350 educators from across the globe and many more via social media throughout the week it places education in good steed. Though there are some hurdles and obstacles to overcome but as fellow ADE Michelle Cordy says 'show up and refuse to leave!'


Another amazing week with some amazing people. Looking forward to next time!



 - Coby

​July 28th, 2016